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Rick’s Dive and Travel Center in North Little Rock
2323 N. Poplar St., North Little Rock, AR 72114
  • 40ft x 20ft SCUBA pool depth ranging from 3ft - 14ft
  • Indoor and heated with an average temperature of 86 degrees
  • Showers and locker rooms are available
  • This is a salt-water pool, ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • Weekdays before 7pm only, no evenings or weekends

A LA CARTE: SINGLE PRIVATE LESSON $37.25 per appointmentFrom $38 per visit with Single Private Lesson (A la Carte & Exchange) passPurchase required to enroll

This is a single private lesson with a coach for 30 minutes. Participants follow the lesson plan at their own pace.

FRONT DESK No purchase required to enroll

SWIM GYM for Infants & Toddlers

SWIM GYM $45Purchase required to enroll

Ages 4 months - 4 years

$35.00 per month, 1st month FREE for members!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM


· Cognition

· Motor Planning

· Language

· Memory

· Balance & Strength

· Visual Perception & Spatial Awareness

Best of all, Swim Gym activities strengthen the parent - child bond and emotional well-being, building a sense of connection with parents and caregivers all while enriching our swim lessons!

This is NOT a learn to swim class.

SWIM GYM an opportunity for extra practice and works well as a water adjustment experience for fearful infants and toddlers. It is an excellent addition to lessons!

An adult is required to accompany each participant in the water.



TRY IT $37.25 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Ready to give us a try? If you are new to the program, use the TRYIT coupon code and try a private lesson with us on the house! We know you will love it!

This is a single private lesson, 30 minutes, with a coach, available to all ages.

Adult Program

AQUATIC ATTITUDE FOR ADULTS $97.50Purchase required to enroll

Aquatic Attitude offers small group classes for adults. The class is divided into Beginner and Advanced offerings and is 45 minutes long, meeting once weekly. The first 30 minutes includes instruction and the last 15 minutes is open for practice, with supervision from the coach.

$97.50 per month, auto draft.

West Little Rock Only

In the beginner class, we focus on eliminating the fear and building a relationship with the water first. Once the fear is addressed, we work on breathing and submersion, floating, gliding and kicking.

In the advanced class we learn basic strokes and lap swimming.

****If you are an adult that prefers private lessons, please check for availability by calling 501-940-1287

ADULT LESSONS - A LA CARTE $37.25 per appointmentFrom $38 per visit with Single Private Lesson (A la Carte & Exchange) passPurchase required to enroll

choose private lessons that work best for your schedule and pay as you go!



How does this work?

Safety Before Skill specializes in private recurring lessons that meet once weekly for 30 minutes with an assigned coach.

This once weekly model is great for over-scheduled families and allows swim lessons to become part of the normal routine, much like learning to read or write all year. It also allows more families access to the lesson program. The private lesson model also allows for more progress in each lesson, as the swimmer is in the water the entire time, not sitting on the wall waiting for a turn.

The 30-minute private lesson includes time to educate parents on dry land regarding safety protocols as well as an update on progression with each lesson. Coaches keep a log of each swimmer noting their level, strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to once weekly packages, in the summer, we also offer twice weekly packages and some intensives that meet multiple times in a week over a shorter period of time. This provides flexibility around vacations and summer camps.

Swimming more than once weekly does not necessarily result in faster progress each lesson, but it does allow families to get more work done in a shorter period of time.

What is the schedule?

Our schedule changes 3 times per year: Spring Term, Summer Term and Fall Term.

The Summer Term is 10 weeks long, from June 3 – Aug 10 for 10 WEEKS total.

We will then take a week off for back to school from AUG 11-17, publish a brand new schedule for the Fall Term, and you will need to re-enroll.

We only offer 3 group classes and they are very specific.

1. Parent & Me is a group class for ages 4 months – 3 years and requires a parent or caregiver in the water. The group class is excellent for little ones with separation anxiety and has a strong safety focus for parents. However, infants and toddlers are welcome to enroll in private lessons also, and the parent may get in with them as often as they like.

2. Club Swim is a group classes for swimmers. To be eligible, the participant must be able to swim 50 yards of at least one stroke and perform a survival back float in deep water. This class prepares kids ages 6 -12 for a swim team experience.

3. Aquatic Attitude is a course for fearful, beginner adults. Adults are also welcome to book private lessons.

Each of those group classes has its own button on the gray toolbar above.

What is the cost?

Each private lesson is $37.25 each, regardless of how often you swim. Tuition for most summer packages is payable 4 lessons at a time for $149.00 per month over two months on auto draft.

Group classes are $97.50 per month on auto draft.

How do I enroll?

Online enrollment is best for making sure you get the day and time you like the most. To enroll, select the package that works best for you. All of our coaches carry the same certifications and use the same lesson plans and curriculum. However, some coaches only teach certain ages or skill levels and you may see that noted in the title of the course.

What about Semi-private?

We limit semi-private to participants that are ages 4 and above only and they may not be more than 2 years apart in age. They must also be similar in skill level. Semi-private must be arranged by telephone. The cost for Semi-private is $25 per swimmer, per lesson.

What about Special Needs?

Most of our coaches are Swim Angelfish Special Needs trained. We do have some packages specifically with Coach Casey, who has a Masters in Special Education.

Contact Us for Help

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to call us at 50-940-1287 or send an email to scheduling@safetybeforeskill.com. Keep in mind that our call volume is over 100 calls per day this time of year, so if the call rolls to voicemail, please leave us a message so we will call you back as soon as we can.

TWICE WEEKLY, 8 LESSONS- WEST LR $298Purchase required to enroll

Want to squeeze 8 Lessons into one month?

This package of private recurring lessons meets once weekly, for 30 minutes, with an assigned coach. Participants follow the curriculum at their own pace.

Available for all ages and stages.

4701 Sam Peck in WLR

ONCE WEEKLY: 4 WEEKS ONLY, WLR $149Purchase required to enroll

This package of private recurring lessons meets once weekly, for 30 minutes, with an assigned coach. Participants follow the curriculum at their own pace.

Available for all ages and stages.

4701 Sam Peck in WLR

INTENSIVE: 4 LESSONS IN 1 WEEK - WEST LR $149Purchase required to enroll

Need a Refresher for Summer?

This package provides 4 private lessons with an assigned coach, 30 minutes each, all in one week. Your coach will make sure you are up to speed on your safety and survival skills and get summer off to a safe start!

4 WEEKS - NLR $186.25Purchase required to enroll

Total Cost: $298.00

The first 4 weeks in tuition ($149.00) is required to book the package. The remaining $149.00 will be auto drafted on July 1, 2019.

This package of 8 private recurring lessons meets once weekly, for 30 minutes, with an assigned coach. Participants follow the curriculum at their own pace.

Available for all ages and stages.

2323 N. Poplar

SPECIAL NEEDS PRIVATE LESSON $37.25 per appointmentFrom $38 per visit with Single Private Lesson (A la Carte & Exchange) passPurchase required to enroll

This is a private lesson that meets for 30 minutes, with a coach that has completed the Swim Angelfish Special Needs Certification Course as well as the Swimming with Autism Course.

Participants follow the curriculum at their own pace using an Individual Aquatic Plan (IAP)

Available for all ages and stages.

Location varies by coach availability. For a recurring package, please call us at 940-1287.

UCA CONWAY - FULL $186.25Purchase required to enroll

Conway is full right now for recurring packages. Check the A La Carte menu for single lessons and be sure to watch our emails for the fall schedule!

Club Swim

CLUB SWIM $97.50Purchase required to enroll

Club swim is a pre-competitive program for participants that is designed to teach swimmers what they need to know in order to transition to a swim team. The program provides minimal technical stroke development for 4 strokes, starts, flip turns, relays, circle swimming and sportsmanship. This class is ideal for kids who are swim team bound or considering it, and those who wish to swim year round without competition!

Ages 6-12

45 min once weekly; Max = 8 participants with a 1:4 coaching ratio

$97.50 per month


Once your first payment of $97.50 is complete online, you will be added to the monthly auto draft program for $97.50 per month February 1 through May 1, 2019. If you wish to withdraw, please call 501-940-1287.

Click the class name above in blue to see class availability.


Exchange: Special Needs Free

These openings are for exchange lessons with Coach Casey in NORTH LR, special needs swimmers only.

Members use these lessons to exchange for missed services due to absence, weather, and chemical or mechanical issues. Members are limited to rolling over ONE exchange to the following month. That monthly allowable exchange does not include any cancellations on the part of Safety Before Skill. The exchange lesson will be deducted from the monthly plan when the coach takes attendance on the day of service.

Lifeguard Service

LIFEGUARD SERVICE (2 hours; 1 Guard; 1-20 guests) $80 per appointmentFrom $80 per visit with Lifeguard Service (2 hours) passPurchase required to enroll

Hosting a Pool Party? Let our lifeguard provide surveillance for you!

Our lifeguards are certified and trained in:

· Lifeguarding

· CPR and First Aid

· Professionalism

· Infant and Toddler Water Safety

Each guard arrives in a marked car, and brings their own equipment including:

· A rescue tube

· Whistle

· First Aid Kit


Drownings happen most often at residential pools and they are SWIFT and SILENT. There is no call for help. Sit back, relax and enjoy the party and let us provide supervision, first aid and rescue, if needed.

How many?

Our ratio is 1 Lifeguard for every 20 swimmers if the average age is over 5 years old.

For swimmers under the age of 4 we recommend a ratio of 1:10.

What is the Cost?


# of Guests

Hourly Rate

1 Guard

1- 20

$40.00/ hr.

2 Guards



3 Guards



4 Guards



If you don't see the date and time of your party available, please call us at 501-940-1287 and we will customize a reservation for you! All of the times are listed under the WLR Location, but we can travel anywhere in the greater Little Rock, North Little Rock or Conway area.

Parent & Me


At Safety Before Skill, we recommend that babies 4 months - 11 months start with Parent and Me Water BABIES Classes.

Once they are 12 months old, they can do PRIVATE lessons, OR the Parent and Me Water TOTS classes listed below. Both follow the same curriculum.

To see the private lesson schedule, click on the grey button above that says PRIVATE LESSONS. There is no need for the parent to enter the water in private lessons unless they want to or if the child suffers from extreme separation anxiety.

Scientific Benefits of Swim Lesson for Babies:

1. Reduces the risk of drowning by 86%

2. Boosts development of the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the child

3. Improves gross and fine motor skill development

4. Accelerate Cognitive Development, including Speech

5. Increase Memory Capacity

6.Expands Cerebral Communication

7. Strengthen Social Confidence

8. Enhances Neurological Development

9. Deepens the Parent-Child Bond

Water BABIES (Ages 4 months - 11 months)

This is an infant group class that pairs the baby with a parent. Your child will experience the water using all of their senses and build a healthy relationship through play. Parents learn the basics of drown prevention and water safety and we introduce the basics of self rescue to the child. Our play in the water includes movements that help them meet developmental milestones with fine and gross motor skills, balance, sensory development, and speech.

30 minutes long, once weekly

$97.50 per month, auto draft

West Little Rock location only

Water TOTS (Ages 12 mos - 3 years)

This is a toddler group class that
pairs the child with a parent. We teach you, to teach your child: water safety, adaptation, and self - rescue techniques. Your little fish will learn how to enter/exit the pool independently using the wall, reach for the wall in the event of a fall, breath holding, introduction to floating, digging, kicking and how to have FUN! Our play in the water includes movements that help them meet developmental milestones with fine and gross motor skills, sensory, speech, and readiness for reading and counting.

30 minutes long, once weekly

$97.50 per month, auto draft

West Little Rock location only

Water Tots Exchange Lesson No purchase required to enroll


WATER SMART BABIES RX $97.50Purchase required to enroll

Ages 4 months - 3 years

30 minutes, once weekly; WEST LR Location only

This is a 4- lesson course that introduces the basics of water safety and drown prevention for infants and toddlers. This class is complimentary to those with a prescription from a physician for Water Smart lessons!

In four sessions, we will cover the following concepts:

  • Understand safety concepts such as: constant and dedicated surveillance, barriers, proper use of a life-jacket, use flotation to help someone who is in trouble in the water and the importance of early application of CPR
  • How to teach your child to enter the pool using the wall, float and kick and transition to submersion.