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$41.20 per appointmentFrom $42 per visit with Single Private Lesson (A la Carte & Exchange) passPurchase required to enroll
Can't commit to a weekly schedule? Choose openings from our A La Carte Calendar and swim when it is convenient for you.

Can't put down tuition for an entire month? These lessons are the same length and price as our recurring lessons and you book and pay as you go, which provides greater financial flexibility!

A La Carte lessons are great for busy families, those with custody agreements, monthly refresher lessons, or for those who wish to ADD EXTRA practice to their recurring package.

Coaching availability varies, however, our coaches keep a log on each swimmer so we will always know what stage you are on, so SWIM ON - A La Carte!

To see available appointments, choose a location

SAFETY BEFORE SKILL - WEST Appointments available starting Monday

SAFETY BEFORE SKILL - CONWAY Appointments available starting Monday

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