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Our small group classes limit 3 students to 1 coach. Must be at least 4 years old, no exceptions.

Tuition is $120.99 per month; $120.99 is due at the time of enrollment and we will auto-draft $120.99 on the first of each month until registration is withdrawn.

School of Fish - BEGINNERS are working on levels 1 and 2 of the program. They learn submersion, balance, breath control, steering, and introduction to floating.

School of Fish - ADVANCED have earned their level 1 and level 2 bracelets. They learn to glide front and back without support for at least 6 feet, air exchange, and roll over to recover, earning their level 3 and 4 bracelets.

School of Fish - STROKE SCHOOL students have earned the level 1, 2, 3, and 4 bracelets. They learn side glide kicks for breathing, overarm pulls for freestyle, and backstroke basics as well as using a kickboard, earning the level 5 bracelet.

The Club Swim program refines and strokes and builds endurance. There is a recreational club for kids that want to swim for fun and fitness and a pre-competitive club for kids that are swim team bound. Club has a 1: 6 coach to student ratio.

Please read our Cancelation Policy before booking your class:

1. We require 24 hours notice of cancelation prior to your scheduled class time.
2. Missed or neglected appointments will result in a charge of the FULL PRICE of the scheduled service.
3. There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for missed lessons.
4. Members are permitted to exchange ONE class per calendar month and it must be completed by the following calendar month. We cannot guarantee a particular day, time, or coach.

SCHOOL OF FISH SMALL GROUP $151.20 Purchase required to enroll

$151.20 is due at the time of enrollment and we will auto-draft $151.20 on the first of each month until registration is withdrawn. The class meets once weekly and tuition is based on five classes per month.

**Only participants who have earned their LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 bracelets may enroll in the Advanced Class.

All new participants or those still working on levels 1 and 2 may enroll in the Beginner Class.

CLUB SWIM $120.99 Purchase required to enroll

This is a pre-competitive program for ages 6-12

Tuition is $120.99 per month on auto-draft

Participants must be able to swim the length of the pool on their own with submersion and float independently.

We learn swim team drills, vocabulary, circle swimming, starts and turns, and the basics of each stroke while we build endurance.

A swim cap and goggles are required. Purchase yours here: https://shopsafetybeforeskill.square.site/

School of Fish All Levels No purchase required to enroll

Aquatic Attitude All Levels No purchase required to enroll

School of Fish Beginner No purchase required to enroll