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• Approximately 100 million adults cannot swim

• 4 out of 5 drownings are over the age of 15

• 39 % of adults are afraid to put their heads underwater

• 46% of adults are afraid of water over their heads in a pool

• 64% of adults are afraid in deep, open water

We welcome participants of all ages! To date, our oldest student is 86 years old. It is never too late to learn to be comfortable in the water.

At Safety Before Skill, we eliminate the fear of water first, then we learn the fundamentals of swimming.

Adults have two options for swim instruction: Group Class or Private Lessons.

We define Adult learners as those ages 16 to 116

1. Group Class

Are you peer-motivated? Want to learn with friends? The Aquatic Attitude group class offers small group classes for adults.

2. Private Lessons

Do you prefer more privacy? Want to make the most of your time in the water with a customized plan?

Private Lessons are available on an A La Carte basis or on a weekly recurring basis. For a recurring package, please call us at 501-940-1287 so we can make sure you are booked with the right coach.

AQUATIC ATTITUDE FOR ADULTS $151.20 Purchase required to enroll

$151.20 per month, auto-draft; based on 5 classes per month.

West Little Rock Only

Level 1: We focus on eliminating fear and building a relationship with the water first. We learn submersion, balance, breathing, floating, and gliding.

Level 2: This class is for those who can comfortably submerge and control their breath, as well as float both prone and on the back with ease. In Level 2, we add the various kicks, learn to roll over, and how to use a kickboard.

Level 3: This is a stroke school for adults. We use the length of the pool and learn Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Must be able to float and glide and roll independently without flotation.

ADULT PRIVATE LESSON (A la Carte) $54.83 per appointment From $55 per visit with A la Carte: Single Private Lesson pass Purchase required to enroll

Choose private lessons that work best for your schedule and pay as you go! This private lesson is 30 minutes long and customized to your swimming goals.

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